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I am a Texas based writer who must produce words to exorcise the voices that will never quiet until I give them their due.

Excerpt: Woman’s Work

Jamarcus was on that crazy tip before he hit the door. I could smell it on him, underneath the sweat that drenched his dingy wife beater tee. He clumped into the kitchen, sucking his teeth. “Hamburger again?” He slammed a … Continue reading

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Excerpt: To Give Her Whatsoever She Would Ask

By my forty second birthday, it looked like my most passionate pleas would be ignored. I didn’t kneel so often by then. I was already the towns’ crazy old woman. I kept mostly to myself and only went to market … Continue reading

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I’m All In

I’ve finally done it. I’m now an official Supporting Member of the Horror Writers Association. It took me long enough and my delays had absolutely nothing to do with the organization itself. I’ve been an avid horror reader since childhood … Continue reading

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Mary Bell, Real Life Psycho

When I first saw the sweet little face of Mary Bell looking out at me through the television screen, I thought I had to have heard wrong. That beautiful little girl with the haunting eyes couldn’t possibly have killed anyone. … Continue reading

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The Killing Joke…Not Really Funny

The graphic novel The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Bryan Bolland is an interesting take on what constitutes a good enough reason to go crazy. The Joker has quite a bad day, in which his wife and child are … Continue reading

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A Bumpy Little Joyride

I think one true mark of an effective piece of writing, or any other work of art for that matter, is in a readers’ ability to view it over and over again and get something new out of it each … Continue reading

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Red Dragon, Part II

In the foreword to Red Dragon, Thomas Harris addresses important issues regarding writing and character development. As he details how he wrote his books and created the character of Hannibal Lecter, he also shows insight into how he developed the … Continue reading

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